11 commandments of dating a park ranger

1. Thou shall assume they will not be in the same place for more than 6 months at a time.

Expect to move, and often. From small, charming cabins; to your van parked down by the river; to the bunkhouse filled with questionable characters. They’ll follow jobs from the alpine bliss of the Rockies; to the bear filled woods of Alaska; to the backwoods of Missouri and back.

2. Therefore, thou shall prepare thyself for a long-distance relationship for a season, a year, or years.

Your ranger love will be applying to many jobs at the end of each season, be tossed around the better part of the country, and constantly uproot their life. Though it isn’t always easy, that footloose and fancy-free mentality is one of the qualities that brought you together in the first place. You have no choice but to believe the winds will blow you two into the same place down the line again.

3. Thou shalt not count on having a place to yourselves.

When you two do manage to land in the same place, you will not have a place to yourselves. You will share your commons, or maybe even your room with quirky individuals. You will also sleep on beds the size of coffee tables. But you won’t care about any of this, because you are finally, finally together.

4. Thou shall not be accustomed to establishing regular contact.

Remember that July you didn’t see each other once, and that August when only two emails were exchanged? Those emails fueled your life until September rolled around and the season calmed down. They are as independent as they come and are comfortable going about your life as usual, so there is nothing sweeter than a rare voicemail or a letter from them. Those weeks and months that drag on without them are suddenly worth it when you finally see each other after a long absence.

5. Thou shall dog sled in Siberia for your vacation. In February.

There will be no summer vacations. Forget it, it’s just not happening. They did not even have a day off in July. Winter though, winter is full of possibilities. You’ll just have to pack your balaclava and wool socks along for the ride.

6. Thou shall receive gear or homemade flies as gifts.

Expect something homemade, meaningful, and most importantly, cheap.

7. Thou shall expect your significant other to have talented, hot, badass friends with whom they spend most of their time.

It’s a long distance relationship, remember? It’s unavoidable that they’’ll meet badass people in this line of work. This is where trust comes into play. Those friends may be portrayed as legendary to you, but you have to remember, you’re being portrayed the same way to them.

8. Thou shall be prepared to hear a long, romantic history.

They’ve allowed themselves to be blown around the better part of the country like a dandelion seed. It’s not easy to maintain a relationship in this life, but it’s easy to start one — and let it slip away. There will be a lot of exes and almosts in there. They won’t be particularly proud, but hey, who sets out to live this life alone?

9. Thou shalt not have high expectations in the budget realm.

Most money will be spent on gear and trips. It’s a cheap lifestyle. You’ve got to be on board with living as simply as possible to extend your trips as long as possible in the off season.

10. Thou shall be prepared at all times to brag about them.

Yes, yes, it’s all true. They fought fire, fought off a grizzly, and saved a lost hiker’s leg — and life. They did a triathlon and climbed a 14er in the same weekend, yet they still found the time to make dinner and watch the stars with you. Cheers to that.

11. Thou shall expect to live an awesome life.

Remember your first date under a brilliantly lit night sky? The times you were false charged by a bear? The long dusty trails, the brutal climbs, the heart stopping views, the laughs, the tears, the taste of what it really means to be alive? It’s going to be exhausting, but filled with untold moments of true bliss. You wouldn’t trade this wild ride for anything else, or anyone else.

11 commandments of dating a park ranger - travels

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Connors was born Krekor Ohanian, Jr. (Armenian: Գրիգոր Օհանեան ), on August 15, 1925, in Fresno, California, to Armenian parents Krekor Ohanian, Sr. (1881–1944) and Alice (née Surabian, 1898–1978). They married in 1915 and had six children: Paul I, Paul II, Dorothy M., Arpesri A., Krekor, and Eugene. [1] His father was an attorney and represented many Armenians who had little money and could not speak English. [2]

Connors was an avid basketball player in high school, nicknamed "Touch" by his teammates. During World War II, he served as an enlisted man in the United States Army Air Forces. [3] After the war, he attended the University of California at Los Angeles on both a basketball scholarship and the G.I. Bill, where he played under coach John Wooden. Connors went to law school, where he studied to become an attorney, taking after his father. He was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. [4] After a basketball game, coach Wilbur Johns introduced Connors to his friend, director William A. Wellman, who liked Connors' voice and expressive face while he was playing basketball, and encouraged him to consider acting. [2]

After Connors became an actor, his agent Henry Willson thought the name "Ohanian" was too similar to the actor George O'Hanlon and gave him the stage name "Touch Connors" based on his basketball nickname. Willson considered "Connors" to be a "good all-American name." [5] Connors later stated he hated the name "from day one" and considered not using his real name the only big regret of his career. After getting the starring role in Tightrope!, Connors wanted to be credited as Ohanian, but Columbia Pictures told him that he had already done too much work as Connors, though he was allowed to change his first name to Mike. [6]

Early roles Edit

Connors's film career started in the early 1950s, when he made his acting debut in a supporting role opposite Joan Crawford and Jack Palance in the thriller Sudden Fear (1952). He had initially been rejected for an audition by producer Joseph Kaufman due to his lack of experience, but after sneaking into Republic Pictures and meeting director David Miller, Connors was given a chance to read the script and was offered the part. [7]

Connors was cast in the John Wayne film, Island in the Sky in which he played a crewman on one of the search-and-rescue planes. In 1956, he played an Amalekite herder in Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments. [8]

Connors appeared in numerous television series, including the co-starring role in the 1955 episode "Tomas and the Widow" of the anthology series Frontier. He guest-starred on the early sitcoms, Hey, Jeannie! and The People's Choice. He guest-starred in two Rod Cameron syndicated crime dramas, City Detective and the Western-themed State Trooper, and played the villain in the first episode filmed (but second one aired) of ABC's smash hit Maverick, opposite James Garner in 1957. [9]

Connors had roles in several of the earliest films Roger Corman directed: Five Guns West (1955), The Day the World Ended (1955), Swamp Women (1956), and The Oklahoma Woman (1956). [10] Connors starred in and was the executive producer of Flesh and the Spur (1956). He raised $117,000 for the film. [11]

In 1958, Connors appeared in the title role of the episode "Simon Pitt", the series finale of the NBC Western Jefferson Drum, starring Jeff Richards as a frontier newspaper editor. He appeared in another NBC Western series, The Californians. That same year, Connors was cast as Miles Borden, a corrupt US Army lieutenant bitter over his $54 monthly pay, on NBC's Wagon Train in the episode "The Dora Gray Story" with Linda Darnell in the title role. About this time, he also appeared on an episode of NBC's Western series Cimarron City. [9]

Other syndicated series in which he appeared were The Silent Service, based on true stories of the submarine section of the United States Navy, Sheriff of Cochise, a Western series, Whirlybirds, an aviation adventure series, and Rescue 8, based on stories of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. An episode of Studio 57 starring Connors and titled "Getaway Car" was proposed as a pilot for a series about the CHP to be called Motorcycle Cop. [12]

Connors starred as an undercover police officer who infiltrated organized crime in Tightrope! (1959–1960). Despite the show's popularity, it was cancelled after only one season. Connors stated in an interview that the show's primary sponsor, J.B. Williams, refused CBS president James Aubrey's request to move it to a later time slot on a different day. The sponsor dropped Tightrope! and underwrote another program on another network. [13] Connors also did not agree with the suggested change to add a sidekick, to be played by Don Sullivan. [14] He thought the program would lose the suspense element, "Because the whole premise was this guy, all by himself, 'on a tightrope.' . When he gets a sidekick, it loses the threat and the danger, and the whole premise is in the toilet." [15]

Later, he was cast in the episode "The Aerialist" of the anthology series, Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond. In 1963, he guest-starred as Jack Marson in the episode "Shadow of the Cougar" on the NBC modern Western series, Redigo, starring Richard Egan. [9] In 1964, Connors appeared in a pinch-hit role for Raymond Burr as attorney Joe Kelly in the Perry Mason episode, "The Case of the Bullied Bowler." Connors was invited to take on a lead role in the series on an ongoing basis, but the producers had actually wanted to pressure Burr into resigning his contract with the series. [15]

In 1964, Connors had a role in the Jack Lemmon comedy Good Neighbor Sam and was the leading man to Susan Hayward and Bette Davis in Where Love Has Gone. He co-starred with Robert Redford in one of his earliest film roles, the World War II black comedy Situation Hopeless. But Not Serious (1965), in which Connors and Redford played American soldiers taken prisoner by a German villager played by Alec Guinness. Connors played the card shark in the remake of Stagecoach (1966). [8]

Connors was strongly considered to play Matt Helm in The Silencers (1966), but that role had eventually gone to Dean Martin. However, his audition had impressed Columbia Pictures, so Connors was instead cast in the similar James Bond spoof film Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1966). Connors himself performed the stuntwork of dangling from a rope ladder attached to a helicopter flying off the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro when the local stuntman refused to do it. [16]

Mannix Edit

Connors became best known for playing the private investigator Joe Mannix in the detective series Mannix. The series ran for eight seasons from 1967 to 1975. During the first season of the series, Joe Mannix works for Intertect, a large Los Angeles detective agency run by his superior Lew Wickersham (Joseph Campanella). From the second season onward, Mannix opens his own detective agency and is assisted by his secretary Peggy Fair (Gail Fisher). [8]

Mannix was originally produced by Desilu Productions (later absorbed by Paramount Television). Then-president Lucille Ball pushed for CBS to keep the show on the air by removing the high-tech computers and making Mannix an independent detective. This move enabled the show to become a long-running hit for the network. [17]

Connors performed his own stunts on the series. During the filming of the pilot episode, he broke his wrist and dislocated his shoulder. [17]

Joe Mannix was an Armenian-American, like Connors. He spoke Armenian in a number of episodes and often quoted Armenian proverbs. [17]

In 1970, Connors won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama. He was nominated for the Golden Globe Award six times from 1970 to 1975 and was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series four times from 1970 to 1973. [8]

When discussing the success of the series in an interview, Connors stated: "The show itself started a whole new era of detective shows, because this wasn't the usual cynical private eye à la Humphrey Bogart. It was more a show about an all-round normal human being. The character of Joe Mannix could be taken advantage of by a pretty face, he could shed a tear on an emotional level, he was very close to his father and his family, so he was more a normal personality with normal behaviour." [10]

Connors was able to work with his boss Lucille Ball on-screen during a cross-promotion episode of her Here's Lucy series in 1971. The episode, which opened Lucy's fourth season, is titled "Lucy and Mannix are Held Hostage". This was notable as the first episode shot at Universal Studios, after Ball ceased producing her program at Paramount Studios. [1]

Mannix remained a hit show through its final season and was not cancelled due to low ratings. [18] The show was taken off the air due to a dispute between CBS and Paramount. [10] Paramount had sold the rights to air Mannix reruns to rival network ABC without informing CBS. When CBS discovered the deal, the executives quickly decided to cancel Mannix to avoid losing viewership for new episodes to the reruns. [19]

He later reprised the role of Joe Mannix in a 1997 episode of Diagnosis: Murder and in the 2003 comedy film Nobody Knows Anything!. [20]

Later career Edit

He narrated J. Michael Hagopian's 1975 documentary film The Forgotten Genocide, one of the first full-length features on the Armenian Genocide. The documentary was nominated for two Emmys. [21] In 1995, Connors narrated another Armenian documentary by Hagopian, Ararat Beckons. [1]

In 1976, Connors played Karl Ohanian in the television film The Killer Who Wouldn't Die. Producers and writers Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts, who were also producers for Mannix, wanted the character to have Connors' real last name. [22] The film was intended to be the pilot for a new ABC series titled Ohanian, about an Armenian-American former homicide detective who is now a charter-boat skipper. [23] However, the series was not picked up. [22]

Connors had roles in the thriller films Avalanche Express (1979) and Nightkill (1980). [10] [24] He starred as a bureau veteran who mentors a team of agents in Today's FBI (1981–1982). The series only lasted one season. [20] Connors both starred in and produced the independent horror film Too Scared to Scream (1985). [25]

He played Colonel Harrison "Hack" Peters in the 1988 miniseries War and Remembrance. Connors hosted the 1989 series Crimes of the Century. He voiced the character Chipacles in the Disney animated series Hercules from 1998 to 1999. [8]

Connors' final appearance was in a 2007 Two and a Half Men episode, as a love interest of Evelyn Harper (Holland Taylor). [20]

Connors married Mary Lou Willey on September 10, 1949, when they were both UCLA students. [20] They had two children, a son, Matthew Gunnar Ohanian (1958–2007), and a daughter, Dana Lee Connors (b. 1960). His son Matthew was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 15. Matthew predeceased his father, dying of heart failure in 2007. [26] Through his daughter Dana, he had one granddaughter. [20]

He spoke three languages: Armenian, English, and French. [27]

Connors was a cousin of French-Armenian singer Charles Aznavour. [28] [29] [30]

After his son's diagnosis, Connors became active in charitable organizations for mental-disorder patients. He was a spokesperson for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. In 1998, the UC Irvine College of Medicine's Brain Imaging Center Committee awarded Connors the Silver Ribbon Award for his contributions. [26]

He did a public-service announcement for the Armenian Eye Care Project. [31]

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